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Dinner with friends where you can’t agree on what kind of food to order? Create a ‘Shareable Glovo’: each one chooses their food, makes their own payment. You place a single order and a glover will deliver everything at once.

This is the brief proposed on the individual second project of the UX UI Design Ironhack’s Bootcamp. My aim was to implement a new feature properly so I could improve the Glovo app’s experience for groups.

Soooo… what’s Glovo?

To get to know deeply Glovo I did in-depth research about and I was able to find out some info:

  • It is an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app. Its value proposition is Anything from anywhere in the city in just 30 minutes.
  • Thanks to the Glovo App, users can watch and follow their deliveries in real-time.
  • Glovo has launched in 22 countries and over 400 cities worldwide. Today, it is the largest on-demand platform founded out of mainland Europe, having delivered over 100M orders. In Spain, it is the leading company in the food delivery market, ahead of competitors such as Uber Eats and Just Eats.
  • Women around 36 years old, living in big cities, and with university studies are the main profile. They like to order on weekends, especially sushi, pizza, and hamburger.

Ok, got it. But how these people will use my feature?

After this, I tried to understand how people organize dinners in a group, so I interviewed five women and one man between 25–35 similar to Glovo’s main profile, and they told me many interesting things. Analyzing them and drawing patterns, I got two principal Insights:

Let me introduce you Anna!

She is my User Persona. Anna has invited a friend to dinner at home with the proposal to have a good time. She hopes to order food that both of them like, and she’s afraid of not reaching an agreement. Also, she doesn’t want to pay the entire bill just in case her friend doesn’t return her money.

This is the User Journey Anna follows ordering food:

Then, the main question is

How might we make feel satisfied with all the components of a group that decide to order food by Glovo with the order and the payment without the process being too complicated?

Happy path vs. Alternative Paths

It’s time to start thinking about design possibilities for the feature. Use Cases allow us to set a lot of possible sequences of interactions between the App and users, so we can choose the one that best meets the goal. In order to design the ideal share experience, I need to take into account 2 use cases and flows:

Once I had decided that for this time I will just develop the Main user flow (the shared-order admin user flow), I chose a path, I draw it on paper to present it to potential users and test it:

From the Task Analysis testing, presented to four women and one man, I obtained valuable feedback and I used it to improve my prototype. For example, I removed some of the steps which added no value, like adding a name to the shared order.

One of the most difficult decisions was how to add the ‘shareable glovo’ button for groups to share the order. In the low-fidelity wireframes, I added the option in the home screen, but after testing, I realized people need to know the shared order is only available for order meal, so I introduced the option at the second screen, once you’ve pushed the ‘food’ category.

In addition, needed information for users was added:

  • Users aren’t sure about who of their contacts have the app → glovo icon to identify who has the app, and the ‘invite to join’ button for those who don’t
  • Users need to modify or delete individual orders while they are waiting to other participants to add their orders → ‘modify’ and ‘delete’ buttons
  • Users can’t make an individual order, they have to wait until everyone's on the group add their order → ‘to order’ button is unavailable

With all the improvements applied, the last step was to design the main screen of the feature in high definition. This is the most important screen because it is where the interaction between the group users takes place, and from where the group orders the ‘Shareable Glovo’. There’s a demo below.

What’s next?

As the feature is a new concept, users probably will need a short explanation of how it works. Next steps could be to design these screens and also the screens users invited to the group ‘Shareable Glovo’ will see (where they accept or refuse the invitation). A future business idea is to expand the orders in a group not only for meals but for every service Glovo offers.

Personal conclusion & learnings

This project has reaffirmed the idea that initial research is essential to lay the groundwork for future work stages.

By way of learning, I’ve understood the importance of simplifying as much as possible to deal with a problem first, and then move on to the next. I admit it has been hard for me; but only like that, I fixed in my mind the acronym MVP, Minimum Viable Product.

During the process, I’ve also had to fight with myself and made decisions without being sure. It’s difficult, you’re afraid of failing and repeat the process over again. But that’s Design Thinking: iteration and failing early to improve.

Thanks for reading! 🤟🏼

If you want to know more in detail about my work, contact me via email or connect me on LinkedIn →



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